Isn't Lingerie only for the bedroom?

"I only wear lingerie in the bedroom"

If I had a penny for every time I have heard that! Absolutely not!

Don't get me wrong, there are so many sexy outfits to explore in the bedroom,  what ever fantasy your heart desires, and only you and who you choose need know. But lingerie can be so much more! Consider it an extra fashion accessory - your very first layer, and make it seasonal like your clothing.

Velvets, silk, pleather and bold colors in Autumn and Winter not only keep you warm, but brighten your days when its cold and gloomy. The best part of winter is the ability to get away with more elaborate designs due to jumpers and long sleeves. Whether stay up thigh-highs or suspender belts, wearing stockings under your dresses, skirts or even jeans keeps your legs warm and also feels really sensual. Its also a really good time to explore color, to find out what you enjoy and what you don't really like. 

Spring and Summer are times that you can have a little peak of lace. All the T-shirt bras, nude underwear and spandex make an appearance again, but it doesn't need to be just that! Silk, bamboo, sheer tulles, embroidered mesh and lace are so beautiful to wear and can make quiet a statement.

I have seen a few outfits where I cant tell if its a garment or lingerie!

Lingerie should be fun, sensual, sexy, comfortable and elegant, but most of all, an extension of you! Its closest to your body and it can really brighten your mood. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and lingerie is just a little piece that can help achieve that. 

Lingerie is there to help you to feel sexy, feminine and confident. Getting dressed in the morning should be a time for yourself - to look at your finest features and celebrate them! Pamper yourself - it doesn't need to take long, but mentally and physically it makes all the difference. Go through your skin routine, pick a signature perfume (scent is one of the biggest memory triggers and will leave an impression long after you are gone), take the time to plan your outfit and your lingerie to go underneath. Even if its a casual day, you will be surprised how good you feel after this little ritual.

Your evening ritual is just as important! Run your bath or shower, do your skincare routine. (Essential oils are lovely and relaxing.) A beautiful silk robe for a little luxury. These simple steps (even for those with little time) make all the difference to the way you feel and see yourself. It's not selfish, it is essential!

Keep in mind, underwear isn't tied in with seducing another person. It's tied in with expressing yourself to appreciate being beautiful … Feel spoilt… Feel sensational… When you wear beautiful underwear, others may not see it, but you will know it's there, like a special little something you have hidden away only for yourself. 

Caring for your lingerie.

Well, remember when you walked in the bathroom and stockings bras and panties were hanging from the rail? (maybe it was just the women in my family) but they were half right take them in the shower, or wash them in the sink by hand then lay them flat to dry. Lingerie will last a hundred times longer and will keep its shape.

Well I have prattled on long enough, I hope you feel inspired to either create or go out and purchase something beautiful for you!